About Us

Enterprise Business Consulting (Asia) Pte Ltd, and our group of companies is an established one stop solution service providers in Singapore. With our extensive business support services, you can focus more on your business growth.

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer comprehensive and professional services to small and medium-sized businesses. We also cater to multi-national corporations and subsidiaries of local and overseas companies and individuals. Because of our exemplary track record, we are able to provide services to several businesses in various industries.

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Our Group of Companies


Chong, Lim
& Partners LLP


Accountants LLP


Chong BizAdvisory
Pte Ltd


Huper Business
Pte Ltd


Tax Consultants
(Asia) Pte Ltd


Join Our Team

Our associate firms are accredited training organisations (ATO) certified by the Singapore Accountancy Commission for the Singapore CA Qualification Programme. We provide training and the opportunity to gain practical experience to candidates who wish to take up the Programme.

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