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Is your group’s vital financial information trapped in a tangle of spreadsheet formulae? If following the audit trail a journey into the unknown? Are you spending more time maintaining the spreadsheets than understanding the results? Then maybe it’s time to change to a purpose built solution FALCON/s built in intelligence minimise the time spent on maintenance, providing you with more time to understand the results. Using an intuitive Windows? environment. FALCON is both quick to install and easy to use. No labyrinth of formulae. No impenetrable audit trail. No wasted time.


FALCON Delivers

  • FALCON is the purpose-built software product designed to be the
    -Efficient, and

Fantastic spreadsheet-based consolidation for management and statutory Group reporting


FALCON is Easy

  • Designed by accountants, to be used and maintained by accountants
  • No IT involvement necessary
  • Intuitive, Microsoft Windows application
  • No complex programming language to learn
  • Logical menu structure for easy navigation


FALCON is Efficient

  • No need to re-key source data
  • No macros or programming needed
  • Purpose-built for the task
  • Gives freedom of choice to link with popular spreadsheets and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Account-based rather than Schedule-based
  • Uses Client/Server technology
  • True Database storage of data


FALCON is Functional

  • Flexible reporting facilities
  • Comprehensive data capture
  • Minority Interest calculation
  • Automated Inter-company Eliminations
  • Currency accounting
  • Journal processing
  • Cost Re-allocation facility
  • Built-in Audit and Security features


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