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    Our company is located near the fringe of the central business district in Singapore with easy access by taxis or MRT. The office is housed within a modern office building with convenient amenities. We aim to provide efficient and effective services to our local and international clients.

    We have associated offices around the SEA region catering to international business needs of some of our clients.



    We provide a comprehensive range of services through the following companies:

    [Management Office]

    Enterprise Business Consulting (Asia) Pte Ltd

    [Certified Public Accountant]

    Chong, Lim & Partners LLP

    Enterprise Accountants LLP

    [Business Advisory, Corporate Secretarial, Taxation, Bookkeeping, Nominee Services]

    Chong BizAdvisory Pte Ltd

    Huper Business Pte Ltd

    Tax Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd

    Auditing Service is provided through Chong, Lim & Partners LLP and Enterprise Accountants LLP
    Auditing of financial statements and reporting in accordance with statutory and other relevant reporting guidelines to fulfill FRS compliance requirements and add credibility to financial reports;
    Co-ordinating the audits of local and overseas operations of our clients through our local and our worldwide affiliate offices;
    Evaluating internal accounting and operational controls, highlighting possible improvements for the safeguarding and control of company resources;
    Providing specialized audits and reports including audits for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listings and litigation purposes;
    Providing audits of annual accounts of organizations such as trade unions, charities, owners’ associations and certain un-incorporated bodies to increase credibility of their accounts.


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    Chong Kek Sing


    Lim Seow Hwa


    Maurice Goh


    12 Tannery Road,
    #10-01, HB Centre 1,
    Singapore 347722


    (65) 6225 5255 Fax : (65) 6325 3838 / (65) 6325 3845